Tibet People and Lifestyle

Curious to know about the inhabitant and their lifestyle in Tibet? Tibet, being part of China, is full of culture and lifestyle. If you ever visit Tibet, you will be impressed by the people there and their unique culture. If you don’t know already, read on this article to know about the people and their lifestyle […]

Top Things to Do in Tibet

With unique characteristics, scenic spots in Tibet are worthy of being visited. As we all know, Tibet is a large region located in west China. And there are a great number of charming attractions scattered on this boundless Tibetan plateau. It is impossible for new travelers to see all the attractions in Tibet for once. […]

FAQs on Trekking in Tibet

With stunning natural scenery, diverse geography conditions, and unique traditions and customs, Tibet is one of the best trekking destinations in the world. Every year, a great number of tourists who are fond of exploration and adventures heading to Tibet from different countries for the purpose of witnessing the beauty of the Roof of the […]

Weather in Tibet

With the high altitude of four thousand meters, Tibet is a hot tourist destination for travelers in the world. Because of the beautiful natural scenery, crystal-like lakes, grand high mountains, Tibet has attracted a great number of international tourists in the world. Before traveling to Tibet, travelers need to do a lot of preparations. For […]

FAQs about High Altitude Sickness

Tibet is a charming place in most people’s eyes. Located in the highest altitude plateau, Tibet possesses unique natural scenery in the world. If one can have a chance to travel to Tibet in a lifetime, he would have no way to forget this special journey. Exploring the blue sky, unnamed wildflowers, a tranquil lake, […]

Top Four Mountains in Tibet

Tibet is a mysterious place located in the southwest of China. Owing to the attractive natural scenery, traveling to Tibet – the Roof of the World has become an ultimate dream for most travelers in the world. Not only can you enjoy the charming view of the boundless grassland, snow-capped mountains, tranquil lakes, and holy […]

Tibet Travel Information

Tibet is known as the most mysterious region in China owing to the sensitive political position, Tibetan Buddhism, splendid monasteries, grand mountains and so on. In order to have an unforgettable Tibet tour, you should do lots of preparations or know more about Tibet travel information before your arrival. Here is some important information which […]

Six Days Chengdu Tibet Tour

Overview As a southwestern city in China, Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan province. With the rapid development of the transportation and economy, Chengdu has become one of the most important cities in China. Chengdu is also a popular destination for travelers. Here, not only can you visit the base of pandas, but also […]

Sichuan Tibet Overland Tour

The eastern flank of Tibet is adjacent to Sichuan Province; hence, from Sichuan, you can readily access Tibet via the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, a portion of the G318 National Trunk Highway (from Shanghai to Zhangmu). This highway is divided into two distinct parts, namely, the Sichuan Northern Overland Road to Tibet and the Sichuan Southern Overland […]