Weather in Tibet

With the high altitude of four thousand meters, Tibet is a hot tourist destination for travelers in the world. Because of the beautiful natural scenery, crystal-like lakes, grand high mountains, Tibet has attracted a great number of international tourists in the world. Before traveling to Tibet, travelers need to do a lot of preparations. For example, travelers should know about the weather in Tibet in advance which weather plays an important role for travelers. Due to the special environment in Tibet, choosing a suitable Tibet weather is very vital.

The main features of Tibetan weather are strong sunlight, chilly, dry, large difference in temperature, especially in the daytime and at night, and low oxygen content. In summer, the average temperature in the daytime is about twenty degrees, while the temperature at night is about ten degrees. You should take some warm clothes at night. Because of the strong sun rays in the daytime, you should bring some skin products such as suncream, sunglasses, sun hat, and lipstick. In winter, the temperature is low in some remote Tibet, and the roads will be blocked by the heavy snows. Lhasa city in winter is warmer and the average temperature in the daytime is about ten degrees.

Here is some detail information about four seasons in Tibet.

Spring is short than other places in the same altitude which is from April to May. The weather gets warmer and warmer, and snows and glaciers begin to melt. Some hotels and scenic spots begin to run in some remote Tibetan areas. Spring is the start of the peak tourism season. The sky is clear and no cloud floats in the sky, thus travelers can see the summit of the grand mountains, even in a far distance. Every May, thousands of climbers will travel to Tibet to explore the mysterious Mt Everest.

Summer is the peak tourism season for Tibetan tourism. Summer is from June to August. Although it is the hottest season in Tibet, the temperature is still not as high as other places in China because of the high altitude. The highest temperature in the daytime is only about twenty degrees, so you won’t feel hot in the daytime. The oxygen content in summer is higher than in other seasons. While July to August is the rainy season which it always rains at night. Therefore you have no need to worry about the rain because the sun will rise again when you get up in the morning.

Tibet tour tips in summer: You’d better book the train or flight ticket in advance because it is hard to buy it in the peak tourist season.

Fall is also the peak tourism season. The color in fall is plenty and diverse. Red, yellow, green, blue, white, etc make Tibet become a colorful holy site. The weather is fine without many clouds in the blue sky. Travelers can enjoy the snow-capped mountains in the far distance.

Winter is from November to March. Winter is longer than other places due to the high altitude. As the slack tourist season, winter is the best time to visit Tibet because you can have a big discount in some aspects such as tour guide fare, vehicle fare, entrance fare, and so on. Recently, the latest news releases that tourists can visit partial Tibetan attractions for free, including Potala Palace, Pagsum Lake,Namtso Lake, Yamdrok Lake, etc.


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