Top Things to Do in Tibet

With unique characteristics, scenic spots in Tibet are worthy of being visited. As we all know, Tibet is a large region located in west China. And there are a great number of charming attractions scattered on this boundless Tibetan plateau. It is impossible for new travelers to see all the attractions in Tibet for once. Therefore, we should choose some top scenic spots to visit when planning a tour in Tibet. In order to help you know the best of Tibet, I’d like to share several top attractions with you.

The first place which I want to recommend to you is the Potala Palace. Located in the capital city of Tibet, beautiful Lhasa city, Potala Palace is a castle-style building with unique features. In the past, in order to marry Princess Wencheng and Chizhun, the King of the Tibetan Empire built this palace. It was rebuilt in the seventeenth century and became a winter palace for Dalai Lama later. It was used as the center of the Tibetan economy, politic, and culture. At present, it has been listed in the World Heritage.

The second place is the Jokhang Temple. In Tibet, it is also known as “Zulakang”, or “Juekang”, which means “Buddha Hall”. Situated in the ancient Lhasa city, Jokhang Temple is the representative of Tibetan Buddhism. It was built in Tang Dynasty by the Tibetan King, Songzain Gambo. Until now, it has more than 1300 years history. Because it plays an important role in Tibetan Buddhism, numerous pious pilgrims will head to this holy temple to do kora. You can see the deep imprints left by Buddhists in front of the temple.

The third place is the Guge Kingdom Ruins. It is located by the side of the famous Xiangquan River in Ngari Prefecture. With mountains surrounded by, it connects India in the southwest and Kashmir in the northwest. The average high altitude of Guge Kingdom Ruins is about 4000 meters. From the ancient time to the present, it is regarded as the center of Shang-Shung culture, and the birthplace of Bon Culture.

The fourth place is the Tashilhunpo Monastery. There are four great Gelugpa Monastery in Tibet, Tashilhunpo Monastery, Ganden Monastery, and Sera Monastery. With the area of 150 thousand square meters, Tashilhunpo Monastery is surrounded by long walls. Wriggling along the high mountains, the whole distance of the wall is about three thousand meters. The number of the Buddha halls is about 60, and the number of rooms is about 3600.

The fifth place is Mt Kailash. Located in Ngari Prefecture in Tibet, Mt Kailash is crowned as the holiest mountain in the world. Mt Kailash plays an important role in Buddhism, so lots of pilgrims do an Mt Kailash kora for the purpose of seeking blessings from God. What’s more, it is regarded as the center of the word by Indian Buddhists, Tibetan Buddhists, and Bon Buddhists. The summit of the mountain is covered by heavy snows all year around, which makes the mountain more mysterious.


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