Top Four Mountains in Tibet

Tibet is a mysterious place located in the southwest of China. Owing to the attractive natural scenery, traveling to Tibet – the Roof of the World has become an ultimate dream for most travelers in the world. Not only can you enjoy the charming view of the boundless grassland, snow-capped mountains, tranquil lakes, and holy Tibetan style monasteries, but also you can unveil the myth of top four mountains in Tibet.

Mt Kailash

Located near Lake Manasarovar and Lake Rakshastal, Mt Kailash is the main peak of the Kailash Range. With the height of 6721 meters, Mt Kailash is the holiest site for Buddhism. Mt Kailash means “the Mountain of the divinities” in Tibetan languages.

Situating in the north of Lake Manasarovar, the summit of Mt Kailash is covered by heavy snows all year around. The four sides of the mountain are symmetrical. The shape of the mountain is like a pyramid with white clouds surrounding by, which increases the mystery of this holy mountain. As the most sacred mountain in the world, Mt Kailash is not the highest mountain in this area. But the unique shape and the shining peak attract thousands of tourists from different nations.

Mt Everest

Located at the border between Nepal and China, Mt Everest is the highest mountain in the world. The height of Mt Everest is about 8,844 meters. Travelers who want to climb this highest mountain need to overcome three difficulties including the high altitude sickness, the changeable climate, and the oxygen shortage. Since the first successful ascent by Tenzing and Hillary in 1953, there are lots of mountaineers heading to this holy mountain. Although many climbers sacrifice their lives on Mt Everest, the number of the climbers is still increasing. Having an Mt Everest expedition has become the ultimate challenge for tourists who are fond of risks and adventures. You can climb Mt Everest from both Nepal side and Tibet side. Compared with the north Tibet side, the south Nepal side is more popular. It is very very dangerous for tourists who have no experience in climbing mountains. For normal travelers, you’d better have an Everest Base Camp Tour, which is safer than Mt Everest climbing.

Nyainqentanghla Mountains

As one of the most attractive scenery along the Qinghai – Tibet Railway, Nyainqentanghla Mountains is close to Lake Namtso. The height of this mountain is about 7,090 meters. There is a beautiful legend about this grand mountain. In ancient times, Nyainqentanghla was a God of the Tibetan Plateau, and he fell in love with the fairy Namtso. They got married and lived a happy life. However, the accident happened. Nyainqentanghla lost his memory and forgot his wife. Then Nyainqentanghla married another girl. Namtso was so sad that she became a lake. After Nyainqentanghla recalled his memory, he decided to find his wife. When he saw his wife turn into a lake, he turned into a grand mountain and stayed with her forever.

Kawa Karpo

Located in the border of Yunnan province and Tibet Autonomous Region, Kawa Karpo is regarded as the holiest mountain in Asia, which is the holy site for Buddhists and Hindus. According to the legend, this is the resting place for a warrior God. Because of the white snows on the peak of the mountain and the unique shape, Kawa Karpo is a hot tourist destination for tourists.


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