Tibet Travel Information

Tibet is known as the most mysterious region in China owing to the sensitive political position, Tibetan Buddhism, splendid monasteries, grand mountains and so on. In order to have an unforgettable Tibet tour, you should do lots of preparations or know more about Tibet travel information before your arrival. Here is some important information which may have a great influence on your Tibet holiday.

Tibetan Unique Natural and Cultural Resources

As a part of Himalaya Ranges, Tibet is surrounded by numerous high mountains. Therefore, people give Tibet a nickname “the Roof of the World”. The world highest mountain – Mt Everest is located between Tibet and Nepal. Every year, lots of mountaineers gather here in order to realize their dreams about conquering the summit of it. For ordinary travelers, you can have an Everest Base Camp tour where you can enjoy the magnificence of Mt Everest at the best sight. You can also enjoy the secluded valleys, tranquil lakes, and boundless grassland in Tibet.

Tibet is also a home for Buddhists. Thus, Tibetan monasteries are here and three which collect numerous traditional Tibetan arts and Buddha statues. Tibetan Buddhism has a long history and develops a special Tibetan style. Inherited traditional Tibetan Buddhism spirit, monks in Tibet have an opening altitude to the would.

Attractions in Tibet

There are lots of Tibetan attractions which are worthy of being visiting, and some of them are even listed on the World Heritage. If you travel to Lhasa city which is the capital of Tibet, you can visit Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Drepung Monastery. You can also visit Namtso Lake, Lake Yamdrok, Tashilhunpo Monastery, and Mount Everest outside Lhasa.

Special Food in Tibet

Because of the high altitude, Tibet has developed a unique and special eating style. You can see yaks and sheep running on the boundless grassland. The yak meat and mutton are two main food for Tibetans. Although there are lots of fishes in rivers, they never catch them because fish is the holy animal according to their traditional cultures. The average temperature in Tibet is lower than other places in China. In order to keep warm, Tibetans increase some high-calorie food in their meals such as tsampa, balep, thukpa, yak butter, yak cheese, yogurt, milk, etc.

The High Altitude Sickness

With an average altitude of 4,500 meters, Tibet is the highest tour place in the world. For travelers who travel to Tibet for the first time, they must pay attention to how to realize the high altitude sickness. The higher place you go, the high altitude sickness more serious. When you feel uncomfortable in some high altitude places, you should descend some height. Do avoid violent activities such as jumping and running. You’d better stay in Lhasa for two days to adapt to the high altitude sickness. In order to avoid catching a cold, you’d better not take a shower on the first day. Drinking more water and eating more fruit will have a good influence on you.


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